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Oval Tulip Engagement Ring - Bentley Diamond
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September 15, 2016
Dana & Scott's Engagement - Bentley Diamond
Dana & Scott
July 12, 2017
Bentley Diamond - Shelby & Jose Engagement

Shelby & Jose's Engagement

Bentley Diamond - Shelby & Jose Engagement

Our Story

We had been planning a vacation for months and were expected to leave for Puerto Rico in just a couple, hotel, rental car-all booked and every detail planned. This of course all became problematic when I checked the expected weather and it showed thunderstorms all day, every day we would be there. I was devastated and wanted our vacation to be just perfect. We are parents of a one year old boy and his time off with myself and the little guy is very precious and important, which made this discovery of bad weather that much more upsetting. We debated canceling and just using his vacation days to stay home and relax but he insisted other wise. He spent literally the entire day making phone calls and eventually let me in on what was going on...Cancun, Mexico here we come!

Bentley Diamond - Shelby & Jose Engagement
Bentley Diamond - Shelby & Jose Engagement

How are we going to plan a whole new vacation in under two days?! He assured me everything was taken care of. The morning of May 1, 2017 comes, we can't wait to leave; sun and high 80's all week! We're at the airport where I realize I have forgotten the RayBans he bought me the week prior to vacation, I was super bummed but no big deal- I'll live without them! We board the plane where I was surprised to find out he bought us first class seats! I'm so relieved thinking this is going to make traveling with a toddler so much easier! Nope, very wrong. Our son threw the breakfast they served everywhere, dumped apple juice all over us and managed to cry for over an hour straight. Could have been worse, right?

We land and go to pick up our rental car (which was paid for prior to leaving home) where they then tripled the price we already paid- annoying but we need a car. Shortly after we arrived at our enchanting resort, we get up to our room and dressed for the beach. This is our sons first time walking in the sand-he HATED it. Cried and refused to get any sand on himself. We spent less than an hour there and returned to our room to get ready for dinner.

The restaurant we had reservations at was beautiful! Right on the water, unbelievable view. Crazy toddler strikes again, he refused to sit in the high chair and wanted to be in my lap. I managed to get a bite or two of soup before he dumped the entire bowl on the table-we skipped desert. On the walk back to our room as we held hands I told my partner I was just happy to be there as a family and tomorrow would be a easier day, I knew our son was just was a long day.

We went out on our balcony before bed where we're overlooking the amazing view of the water, he said "I have a surprise for you" which led to him getting down on his knee, "there is no day more perfect to do this, this is our life...crazy and hectic and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else"...the whole world around us seemed to stop "so Shelby, will you marry me?" The man I have loved for four years, who I have grown and overcame with, my best friend has asked me to marry him! I eventually found my voice, "YES!" To most this day might have seemed crazy but to me it was perfect.

It is us and it's why we work-we're non traditional and fastpaced and I live for the craziness, it's our craziness. I can't wait to be his wife.

Bentley Diamond - Shelby & Jose Engagement