Realize your dream piece with a Custom Design!

Have you shopped around but still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Let our master craftsmen create the fine jewelry piece of your dreams!

Just bring in a sketch of your idea or work with one of our dedicated sales professionals to create one. We’ll submit it for a wax mold, once approved a custom cast will be created, and then Bentley's master jeweler and expert diamond setter will do the rest!

Do you have an old miner or old european style diamond? Is the diamond in your ring chipped or cracked? Bring it in to Bentley Diamond Importers and we'll turn your old gem into a brilliant cut diamond right before your eyes! Your diamond will be expertly re-cut and polished to bring out the best qualities of a diamond. Let us put the fire back into your diamond.

All jewelry work is done on-site and delivered at the highest quality. No other jewelry store in town has a team of talented craftsmen that specialize in the fields of jewelry making and diamond setting. Meet with our expert team today to begin creating your ideal diamond ring or fine diamond jewelry.



Idea & Sketches

We usually begin the process with a meeting in which we will make hand-sketches and establish our goals and budget. You can share photos or inspiration of a piece you saw or any of your own drawings and references.

CAD Renderings

Next, we will make CAD drawings and illustrations for review and approval. These illustrations allow us to show you a remarkably lifelike rendering of what the piece will ultimately look like.

Wax Model

Once the images have been approved we make a “wax” model for you to see the design in 3D. Again, the wax model is an exact replica of the finished product, and in fact will ultimately be the final piece.

Approval & Fitting

After the project is in metal we will usually do a fitting (unless it’s a surprise) as well as confirm final approval before the stones are set, engraving is (sometimes) added, and the ring is completed.
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You Dream It. We'll Make it.

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Visit Bentley Diamond to start creating your dream piece!

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