Purchasing Your Diamond In-Store Versus Online

When it's time to purchase an engagement ring, one of the most important questions people face is..."Should I buy the ring at a jewelry store or online store?"

While there are a number of dynamics to consider in deciding where to make one of the most important purchases in your life, many people make a choice without being properly educated or considering all the factors inherent in such a purchase. Simply making a decision based on what you believe to be the lowest or best price from an online store is a line of thinking we've seen create endless instances of regret and upset in our many years of experience.

In the vast majority of instances, when you purchase your engagement ring online for less, you get exactly what you pay for; less. You may pay less, but what have you really purchased for your money? Will you instantly regret your purchase or will it take a year or three? In our experience it's simply a matter of time before you come to regret buying that ring online.

This is the reason we invite those individuals in the market for a diamond ring to call or visit Bentley Diamond so we can properly educate and explain all of the important factors and dynamics in buying a ring. We will take a look at the advantages of buying your engagement ring at Bentley Diamond vs and Online Store.

Advantages of Buying Your Diamond Ring at Bentley Diamond

1.) Customer Service

This may seem like a no-brainer, but dedicated, knowledgeable and accessible customer service and experience should not be taken for granted. At Bentley Diamond we strive to educate all of our customers about their purchase, including any and all options and relevant factors that come into play with diamond jewelry. This will always be an area Online Stores can not compete with or offer, and it begins the moment you walk through our doors.

2.) Picking the 'Right One'

Getting exactly the ring you want and what your budget allows for comes hand in hand with the advantage of our Customer Service. While shopping online has become increasingly popular for it's convenience, think about all of the times you purchased something online and received something much different than what you thought you were getting. Now consider the hassles of returning and exchanging that item and imagine that scenario in the context of a diamond ring and something so important to you and your significant other...Not so convenient or hassle-free now, right?

When you leave Bentley Diamond we aim to insure that you leave 100% satisfied with your purchase and knowing that if something comes up you can easily come back to the local diamond experts who will do everything possible to work with help you.

3.) Competitive with Online Pricing

At Bentley Diamond we invite you to visit us and share any rings you've been shopping online. We always offer competitive pricing, even against Online Store prices, and will work diligently to find a better or similar priced item whether it be a ring or loose diamond. We will present options to you and explain why and how things are priced to get you the best deal possible. If we can't beat an online price we will explain to you why and how that ring has been priced a particular way.

We relish these situations where we can demonstrate, to you the customer, our considerable resources and knowledge to procure the perfect ring at the right price.

4.) Questions & Options Explored

Many customers are not aware of all of the factors that determine a ring or diamond's quality and cost. At Bentley Diamond we will take the time to educate you on the 4C's of diamonds and explain the different qualities of a diamond to arrive at what is most important to you, the buyer. You have questions, we have answers. We're a local jeweler with years of experience that we will share with you on a one-to-one basis. We will insure you are comfortable with your final decision and feel that you have explored all of the options you were curious about. A knowledgeable customer is a happy customer in our vast experience.

5.) Seeing Is Believing

At Bentley Diamond you will be able to see, feel and try on the ring you are interested in buying. There is simply no substitute for this dynamic and Online Stores can not offer this to you. You must see the diamond you are purchasing as relying on a online picture is quite the gamble when it comes to diamonds.

We can show you a range of cuts, colors and clarities to arrive at the diamond that is perfect for you! You can build your dream ring and have something tangible to make your decisions based on. This is a very important factor in our experience and another area where Online Stores simply fall short.

6.) After Sale Support

Another inherent advantage to buying your diamond ring at Bentley Diamond vs an Online Store is the top-notch After Sale Support we provide. If you have a question or an issue arises with your ring we are always here to provide you with answers and solutions.

Your diamond ring needs to be cared for and maintained from time to time. Cleanings and inspections have always been and always be FREE at Bentley Diamond, whether you purchased your ring with us or not! You can put a face to a name and be treated as a valued customer, something Online Stores can not and do not offer. In our books that counts for a lot and we think you'll come to find that as well!

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