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Why Choose Bentley Diamond for My Engagement Ring?

Established, Experienced & Trustworthy

Bentley Diamond is an established and reputable jewelry store operating on the Jersey Shore, serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties for over 35 years. We have earned a reputation for the highest standards and low prices in the industry. As direct importers, Bentley Diamond knows the history of each carefully selected diamond. We educate each customer before ever looking at a diamond, so that you and your Bentley expert can jointly choose the best diamond for you. We will ensure you pick the perfect diamond and setting that your fiancee will cherish forever.

Vast & Impressive Selection

At Bentley Diamond we have the largest collection of engagement and wedding jewelry in the area, literally thousands of diamonds, settings and styles of engagement rings to choose from. We can procure ANY diamond cut, color, clarity, carat weight or setting you are looking for. The best way to see all of our collections is to call or come into the store as you will only see a small fraction of what we have from browsing online. We're local, so come on in to the store, browse all of our collections, diamonds and options to see for yourself!

Local Store with Friendly Experts

Why should you have to travel outside of your community to get quality diamonds, fine jewelry, and the courteous attention you deserve? At Bentley Diamond we offer everything you could want in a convenient local destination. You can make an appointment to speak with one our or experts or simply stop in whenever you like and we will help you find the perfect diamond ring! You can ALWAYS come in and browse our vast diamond stock and SEE your specific diamond before buying, something online stores do not offer.

Custom Designs by Master Jewelers

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary and have a custom dream ring in mind? At Bentley Diamond we will pair you with one of our master jewelers to take your idea and make it a reality, from sketches to renderings and the beautiful final piece. Special attention is paid to each custom creation and our team will mantain thorough communication during the process to guarantee your ring is exactly as you imagined it.

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Find the One: We Can Help with the Ring


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