Custom Oval Tulip Ring

Criss Cross Ring - Bentley Diamond
Custom Criss Cross Ring
August 5, 2016
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Shelby & Jose
May 18, 2017
Oval Tulip Engagement Ring - Bentley Diamond

Custom Oval Tulip Ring

At Bentley Diamond we are love creating custom engagement rings for our customers. There is nothing more rewarding than collaborating with a customer to create such an important piece that our clients will treasure always. So when Lyndsey & Pat came in and shared their vision for an engagement ring, we couldn't wait to get started!



Now that the vision for the engagement ring design had been shared, and sketches created, the next step was to create the Computer Aided Design renderings of the jewelry (or CAD). Bentley Diamond's CAD renderings translated the sketched design concept into 3D models which allowed us to create multiple perspectives and visualization of the design in order to explore and examine every facet of the designed piece for review, feedback, and any minor adjustments, as needed. These renderings were presented to Lyndsey & Pat for review and based on their feedback we moved to the next step in the process, creating a wax model of the ring.


Finished Piece

In the final stage of the custom design process, Tony and David work together to make Lyndsey & Pat's vision a reality. Using their vast professional expertise in gold smithing and diamond setting they created a beautiful piece, paying very close attention to every detail. During this final stage, Tony had pre-finished the designed ring, and our seasoned Diamond Setter, David, jumped in to set the diamonds. Once the ring was completed, we got to enjoy one of our favorite parts of the entire process, presenting the finished custom piece to the customer!